First experiments with bevy's graphics pipeline

This week I started experiementing with adjusting code in the bevy crate to tinker around with rendering sprites. The first thing I implemented was using an instance buffer in the bevy sprite sub-crate. For this, I literally just outsourced the transform data of vertices into a separate buffer. From what I know and read this is called "vertex pulling" since a matrix is passed through the instance buffer in the form of four vec4s and then reassembled in the shader code. This is probably not performant (yet) and isn't perfectly finished, but at least it worked and that was all that counted for my first experiments.

I'm wondering if it might be more performant to not calculate the transform operation on the CPU instead of the GPU. In some way I could imagine that this might be the case (basically because we outsource many matrix operations) but on the other hand it might be worse with this aswell (since I'm not really sure if the expensive operations only happen once or each frame). This is something I'll probably try to figure out the next week.

Maintaining codeberg-cli

Today I gave my beloved codeberg-cli project more attention. There were some open issues some awesome people filed. I made some progress there and also started to work on the nixpkgs PR again. It finally got some approval and is basically back on the way of getting merged soon (hopefully).

Other than that together with a contributor I planned on improving the CI a bit further which I'll also tackle in the next week.